Friday, 31 October 2014

Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Hi Everyone, Billy here.

First of all, thanks for taking time to read my Google Sniper2.0 review - I hope you find it useful, and that it helps you make up your own mind about whether this best-selling SEO and internet marketing program can really help you to make loads of money online

Of course, if you already know all about Google Sniper 2.0 then why not head on over to the Official Google Sniper 2.0 website and grab a copy before they get sold out.

What Is Google Sniping?

In case you don't know, Google Sniping is a term coined by George Brown several years ago that still works amazingly well today.

Its basically the process of building a one page 'sniper' sites that rank in the search engines with very little effort.

Using it, you can focus most of your efforts on the on-page seo and only do a little work on off page seo such as link building and social media marketing (ie the time consuming bits) and yet still manage to rank within the top 10 of the Google search results.

What this course does is to teach you how to find profitable niches with great products and then build small niche websites that target a single high traffic keyword. With some clever on-page seo and by using the  unique Google Sniper 2.0 formula these tiny sniper sites will still rank high in the search engines within just a few short weeks.

Once they rank, you then write a killer pre-sale post that will increase the normal conversion rate of 1% to between 3 and 5%. In fact, George has proven time and again that its possible to build sites that have a conversion rate of as much as 20%.

The next trick is to then  repeat the whole process and build an army of sniper sites. Its a quick, relatively easy and very, very effective way of making scale-able income while, at the same time, not having to spend a lot of money to do it!

Whats Covered In Sniper?

As you might expect, as one of the biggest selling digital products online, Google Sniper 2.0 offers a hell of a lot of content - just look at whats in it for goodness sake!

Google Sniper 1.0 Course Overview

Chapter 1 Finding A Profitable Opportunity (Market & Keywords)
A Niche You Can Monetize
A Keyword You Can Monetize
Over 3000 Searches Per Month
Not Highly Competitive Keywords
Finding A Root Keyword - The 2 Different Approaches
How To Find The Keywords To Snipe - Step By Step
Cashing In On Product Name - A Unique Approach

Chapter 2 Building The Foundation - The First Step Of Sniper Site Creation
Domain Name Secrets
Wordpress, A Gift From The God's?
Installing Wordpress
How To Install Your Wordpress plugins & Themes

Chapter 3 Secrets Of A 20% Conversion Rate - Creating A Killer Pre-Sell Story & Writing The Content
The Concept Of Preselling
Why You Should Listen To Me
The Basic
Deciding On Your Angle Of Attack
Cashing In On Personality
Choosing A Theme
Some Proven Theme/Story Combinations For Popular Niches

Chapter 4 Setting Up Your Site For Google Domination
Overall Sniper Site Structure
Human VS The Search Engines: Striking A Balance
Keyword Variances And LSI
Optimizing Your Site
Configuring The Plugins

Chapter 5 Affiliate Links & Maximizing Conversions
Affiliate Link Placement And Optimizing The Anchor Text
The Importance Of Cloaking & How To Do It

Chapter 6 Creating Your Sniper Site - Step By Step
How To Create Posts
Creating Your Google Sniper Site - A Complete Walkthrough
Part One: No Prerequisite (This Is The First Part Of Creating Your Site)
Part Two: Creating The First Part Of The Content (Prerequisite Is Having The Site Set Up - Part One)
Part Three: Getting Your Sniper Site Ranked & Off Page Optimization (Prerequisites Are Part One & Two - Your Site Must Be Ready)
Part Four: Putting The Icing On The Cake: Final Post, Articles And Affiliate Links (Prerequisite Is That Your Site Is Indexed By Google)

Chapter 7 Getting Ranked And Gaining Authority In Record Time
Integrating With Youtube
Making Your Youtube Video
Bookmarking Your Site
The Google Sandbox

Chapter 8 Scaling Your Sniper Site Into A $10,000 A Month Business
The Biggest Secret Of Super Affiliates
Stick At It
Scaling Google Sniper
$10,000 A Month Is Easy
Final Word

Most of the content is also covered in a series of high quality videos which are just great. George includes step by step instructions on each and every chapter as well as a  video on a real case study + video on pre-selling + a bonus video - and he does webinars! Phew!

Anything Bad?

Like every product, Google Sniper 2.0 has some shortcomings - here are my petty gripes about it.

Keyword research tool. Although you are shown how to find profitable keywords the free method used is really time consuming. In my opinion, given the time that you will save, you are far better off using a piece of software like Market Samurai, or Traffic Travis - which both have a free trial. 

You need to spend time creating your website. George claims that you only need a few hours to set up a sniper site. Yeah right!! I spend 2 days setting up my first site and 4 days to fine tune it. Ok, so I am a stickler for getting it right (and its making money right now so I'm not too worried) but no way can you do this in a couple of hours unless you have built hundreds of these sites and out-source some of the work.

You Need Some Website Building Knowledge. Obviously this is not a click n get cash system. You'll need to "work" to set up your website, write your articles and etc. Well it took me few days to learn it and get it all done.

You Need Some Cash To Start up. If you are really (and I mean really) determined to make this work for free then you can,but most of us will want to do it right - and that means spending CASH! You need to spend some money getting a decent domain name and a hosting service. Although it will cost you around $10-$15 per site its not a free solution.

OK, Whats Good

Jeez, where do I even start!

It works. Yep, that's right, even after the Google zoo has trampled through most other sites, Google Sniper sites still rank. Now I know most 'gurus' will tell you that you need loads of content, that you need to build 1000's of back links, submit articles, ping here ping there, get loads of twitter followers, facebook likes and even +1's (ha!), but, as we all know - that takes a load of work. I don't know about you, but I'm lazy, and broke, so I don't want to wait until 2020 to make money - I want it now! Well, using the Google Sniper system you can make money quickly and, in fact, if you follow the system exactly, you are bound to make money online just like me.

You don't need other affiliate stuff with this system. Many times there're so called "guru" selling his/her system and he'll "recommend" you to buy some stuff where he is an affiliate. Google Sniper doesn't require you to do this. With this system, you can make money with all the free tools out there.

Anyone can make it happen. I'm a newbie when I use Google Sniper and it just works! For a complete newbie or experienced internet marketer, the secrets that George shares in Google Sniper are just so easy to implement that you don't need to set up anything special.

Straightforward and Systematic. The videos and manual are easy to follow, as is the whole system!

Honest. Most products only show you a guide and ask you to buy extra products to make things work, but not for Google Sniper. Customer support is included along with lifetime updates to the product. I know George has been working on extra videos to help his fellow 'Snipers'.

"Basically, you're getting a how to guide on exactly how to create sniper sites and generate $15,000 per month."


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Setting Up an Online Business

When you only have a small amount of capital to start yourself in business on, setting up an online business can be your only option. I do with retail, online retail can be a great business opportunity if you only have a little time and a little capital. If you are a single-parent, if you need to stay home to take care of a small child or if you have a creative talent and you'd like to sell the thing that you make, an online business can be a great way to achieve what you need done.

The first question you ask yourself of course is, what it costs setting up an online business and retail for the first time.

There are three things you will need to get started. You need a great product, you'll need a spectacular website, and you will need marketing.

Of course, the product comes first. If yours is a retail-only business - where you don't make the thing that you sell - you don't need that much in capital. You only need enough to set up a drop-ship supply chain with whoever makes the things that you sell.

The next in line of course is a high-quality website. Doing business online can be spectacularly empowering. It is just once you take it online, there's nothing that the big businesses that are your competition can do to their website that you can't - it's a great way to get on an equal footing with everyone else in the competition.

Basically setting up a great retail business website should take about $5000. But that's the starting point. Depending on how many products you sell, you may need something bigger. If you only sell a handful products, something around this figure should do very well.

Most of this figure is accounted for mainly by what a web designer charges every hour. It won't really cost you much to get web hosting or to buy a good domain name.
And oh, not to forget the shopping cart. But your web designer will probably have all of this worked into the plan he shows you.

And finally, you need to get the word out. You'll need marketing. The first time you go into business for yourself, what you really really need to do, is a bit of market research. It wouldn't be a bad idea either to have it done before you actually spend a dime on your business. You can't ever take the customer for granted with limited quality, choice and pricing.